Crown Casino Drainage Pump Station Upgrade

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Why is this project important?

Our Pumping Station at Crown Casino has been providing vital flood protection to the area for almost 30 years, however recent investigations revealed that the electrical and control switchboard operating the pump station is in need of a major upgrade to ensure it continues to provide essential flood protection for the area.

We’re also planning to raise the electrical switchboard and all associated equipment to reduce the likelihood of river levels reaching them and causing catastrophic damage - even in extreme weather events.

We recognise that there will be some short term disturbances, but this work is essential to ensure that we have optimal flood mitigation in the area, which is especially important in extreme weather events.

What are we doing

This works will include:

  • Upgrading the existing electrical switchboard and moving it closer to Clarendon Street.
  • Installing a new control system within the new switchboard.
  • Raising the level of the electrical and control equipment to meet the expected river level in and extreme storm event.



Mid 2021

Concept development, planning and site investigations


Late 2021

Detailed design, further planning, site investigations, stakeholder and community consultation

Not Started

February 2022

Works Commence

Not Started

April 2022

Works completed

Managing Impacts

We do not envisage any major impacts, although there may be some minor disruptions, including noise from the work site and reduced access along the Yarra Promenade directly opposite the works.

More information regarding these impacts will be shared with the community closer to the works commencing.

Keeping you informed

We will provide more information, including the timing of activities, as the project progresses and more information becomes available.

Contact the project team

 131 722

Last updated:
8 November 2021