Melbourne Water is collaborating with Parks Victoria and the City of Casey on an exciting project to create a new wetland and realign the southern reach of Grasmere Creek in Berwick, which will restore and enhance the area.

Grasmere Creek in Berwick has historically been straightened, reducing floodplain connectivity and aquatic and terrestrial values. This section of the creek is also positioned under high voltage power lines, limiting both the ecological connectivity of the creek and passive recreation opportunities through the Cardinia Creek Parklands.

In 2016, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and the City of Casey came together to investigate the potential realignment of the southern reach of Grasmere Creek and the construction of an ephemeral stormwater treatment wetland system to service the existing catchment whilst providing future environmental and community benefits.

Why is this project important?

Grasmere Creek is a highly valued waterway within the broader Cardinia Creek catchment, known for its significant flora and fauna including the rare and threatened Dwarf Galaxias fish. The project will achieve two Performance Objectives priorities for this area under the Healthy Waterways Strategy 2018–28, including Vegetation Extent (PO2) and Stormwater Quality (PO4).

The project aims to: 

  • improve floodplain connectivity while supporting habitat for drought refuge species including Dwarf Galaxias
  • create an ephemeral stormwater treatment wetland which services the Grasmere Creek catchment as well as providing best practice water quality improvement, nitrogen and sediment removal from Westernport Bay
  • enhance wildlife corridors and cultural heritage features of the park aligns with Parks Victoria’s Masterplan
  • improve recreation and liveability benefits for the local community

The project will enhance the wildlife corridor through the Cardinia Creek Parklands and will provide a shared path linking Inglis Road with Buchanan Road, Berwick for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

The site is also important with many cultural heritage features within the Parklands.

As part of this project, local schools and community groups can get involved in planning for liveability aspects ‘place making’ of the project.

Help us create a vibrant open space for the community
To find out more, visit the Creating Grasmere Creek Wetland YourSay page.

Photo of wetland site before proposed works showing flat grassy area

Artist's impression of site after works, showing waterway with walking path, vegetation and trees

This project is an example of a co-delivered collaborative program through partnered efforts involving the City of Casey and Parks Victoria. The City of Casey are providing in principle 40,000 plants towards on ground community planting day activities. In addition, Parks Victoria are providing Melbourne Water the land to implement the project.


The civil works are almost complete. We will now work with City of Casey, Park Victoria and the local community to create a vibrant open space which is expected to be open to the public by summer 2020.

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Last updated:
20 July 2020