We’re working with Moonee Valley City Council to build a new staircase and shared path, to improve public access and connectivity to Ahern Place in Avondale Heights.

Why this is important

This will give us better access to undertake routine inspections of sewer manholes in the area, as well as the M102 water pipe bridge that spans the Maribyrnong River.

Providing a pedestrian access route also supports Moonee Valley City Council’s objective to deliver 20-minute neighbourhoods by better connecting key pedestrian routes. This is consistent with the MV2040 Strategy, council’s long-term plan to achieve a healthy Moonee Valley by 2040.

What’s happening and when

Melbourne Water are designing and constructing the new staircase and shared path. Once complete, these will feature resting points and improved vegetation and landscaping conditions.

Moonee Valley City Council will then be responsible for owning and maintaining the asset.


Site investigations

The project is in the early design stage, and further site-specific information is needed to help develop the detailed design. 

In order to gather some of information (such as land surveys), infestations of African boxthorn and other weeds along the steep slope need to be cleared so we can access the site.

The removal of the African Boxthorn has an added benefit: boxthorn is a noxious weed that can grow to a large size, and dense infestations can out-compete native plants. It can be particularly invasive along waterways and harbour pest animals such as rabbits and foxes. 

The boxthorn and other weeds will be cut at ground level using special machinery, and stumps will be treated with herbicide to prevent re-growth.

Brush-cutting works and land surveys are scheduled to be undertaken in March and April 2021, between the hours of 7am and 6pm.

Not Started


Construction of the new shared path and staircase is anticipated to start in August 2021 (subject to weather and ground conditions).

We will provide more information about timing as the design progresses.


Aerial view of Ahern Place and Maribyrnong River
Approximate location of new staircase and shared path connection

What to expect

As site investigations are undertaken, local residents may notice:

  • additional vehicles in the area, including large machinery to remove the boxthorn, and vehicle movements in Ahern Place for access to our works zone
  • some noise from vehicles, machinery and other equipment
  • personnel walking through the site.
Last updated:
11 May 2021