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The As-Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) portal

The As-Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) portal allows developers, consultants and surveyors to test their as-constructed drawings (for pipelines only) through the Melbourne Water ACDC portal prior to submitting via the usual channels. 

The portal enables validation against published as-built standards by providing an electronic check of drawings up-front to identify any issues prior to submission. 

While we are not yet accepting submissions via the ACDC portal, the portal will serve as a validation tool for pipelines to help reduce the need to amend drawings post submission.

ACDC Portal Training 

If you are not familiar with the ACDC portal and would like help using the portal to test your drawings, Melbourne Water will provide training in 2018. 

This training will be available for developers, consultants and surveyors and will form the foundation for using the portal for both pipeline drawing validations and subsequent electronic submissions.

If you would like to register your interest for this training, please send an email to:
[email protected]

Using the ACDC portal for testing as-constructed drawings

If you are familiar with the ACDC portal,  please follow the instructions below to begin checking your as-constructed drawings for pipelines.

Ensure your drawings are:

  • in AutoCAD format
  • Melbourne Water D-Spec compliant (follow the D-Specifications changes for Melbourne Water)

To set up an account for your organisation

1. Access the ACDC portal

2. Click on Request Account on the top right corner of the screen and follow the prompts for details

Image shows the Request Account text to click on the ACDC portal






You may find the following supporting materials helpful if you are using the ACDC portal to check your drawings:

Last updated:
18 June 2018