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Melbourne Water is currently investigating opportunities to improve platypus habitat in Monbulk Creek.

  • The platypus population within the Dandenong catchment has significantly declined to a critical level with only one population remaining in Monbulk Creek.
  • The population is heading toward localised extinction due to lack of habitat and low genetic diversity. 
  • The quality of our waterways and connectivity between high quality habitat is essential to ensure a healthy population. 

Map of Monbulk Creek platypus study area

We are currently investigating opportunities to improve the platypus habitat within a 5km project area in Monbulk Creek. We want to listen to your ideas on how we can improve the health of Monbulk Creek and identify key issues, opportunities and future priorities. 



Your Feedback

Thank you for participating in our recent engagement regarding the future of Monbulk Creek and opportunities to invest in actions that will improve platypus habitat in the area.

We wanted to hear what local residents and stakeholders value about Monbulk Creek and to get a better understanding of your concerns about the health of Monbulk Creek, with the intention of identifying opportunities, initiatives and future priorities for the area that will benefit the platypus population.

Read the summary report (link below) of our engagement activities.

Moving forward the team will be seeking funds to deliver actions identified through the engagement project in order to enhance areas of platypus habitat and, hopefully, increase the platypus population within the catchment.


  • November 2018 -  Investigation began 
  • 18 February – 31 March 2019 - Share your ideas
  • April 2019: Engagement report published
  • TBA: Development of the Monbulk Creek Platypus Management Investment Plan

Next steps

The findings from the engagement will help us understand what the community values about Monbulk Creek and if they support us investing in healthy waterways. It will also assist us to confirm the potential conservation actions to protect and enhance the platypus population in Monbulk Creek. This will be presented in a Management Investment Plan.

More information

To learn more about the project contact us: 


Last updated:
7 June 2019