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Melbourne Water is pleased to advise that works to install corrosion protection within the tidal canal retaining walls are now complete.

These essential flood protection works will extend the life of pre-existing steel reinforcements in the walls for an additional 30 years. John Holland – KBR Joint Venture, on behalf of Melbourne Water, delivered the project.

What happened

Over the course of the project we have:

  • installed flood protection within 6.2km of tidal canal retaining walls
  • drilled over 16,000 holes and installed anodes for corrosion protection
  • 400 junction boxes have been installed
  • laid 840 metres of paving
  • applied render to reinstate 5.4km of retaining walls

These works have been completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

Project team installing anodes to the top and face of the retaining wall
Project team installing anodes to the top and face of the retaining wall to ensure they continue to function effectively for at least another 30 years.

Important maintenance information

The anodes that have been installed within the tidal canal retaining walls are connected to junction boxes by titanium wires that run along the top of the walls. To ensure the anodes continue to provide corrosion protection, it is extremely important that residents do not attach any structures to the top or face of the wall (lights, cleats, fencing, boundary survey pins.). Attaching any structures to the top of the wall may sever the wires and cause the corrosion system to malfunction.

Junction boxes that have been buried along the retaining walls are marked with a location plaque on the wall.

Junction box plaque
Junction box plaque

It is important that no digging takes place within a metre square of the junction box plaque to ensure that it is not damaged and the charging system is not compromised. These boxes,located within the Melbourne Water easement, will be accessed and maintained periodically. Residents will be informed of any maintenance activity in advance.

The project team would like to thank the community and residents of Patterson Lakes for their cooperation and understanding whilst we delivered these essential flood protection works.

Last updated:
14 February 2018