Melbourne Water completed works to the Howard Street pipeline in Reservoir to ensure residents in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs have access to high-quality, safe and reliable drinking water.

In 2017, Melbourne Water started construction of a new 1150 diameter pipe in Preston and Reservoir. In 2020, we returned to complete the tie-in connections at both ends, and pressure test and commission the new pipeline.

Latest news

Major work on the Howard Street pipeline connection project is now complete. 

During the project we: 

  • installed a 1.2-metre diameter pipe to connect to the existing pipeline
  • completed two connections to the existing pipeline
  • installed five new valves to more efficiently control water flow
  • replaced 30 metres of Yarra Valley Water pipeline.  

The road has now been reinstated and grass seeds will be planted on the nature strip adjacent to the work site. 

Melbourne Water would like to thank everyone affected by this project for their patience during the construction period. 


The pipeline connection is at Howard Street and Bernard Street in Reservoir.

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Last updated:
9 November 2020