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Melbourne Water is committed to enhancing life and liveability in your area. To maintain our assets, as well as improving the natural amenity and liveability of the area, we will be undertaking works to naturalise a section of Wallan Creek in Hadfield Park, Wallan.

Why this project is important

Hadfield Park is an important community asset located centrally in the township of Wallan with numerous facilities located on the site including the Mechanics Institute and Free Library, R. B. Robson Stadium and Wallan public toilets. 

We were approached to rehabilitate an eroding section of the watercourse behind the Mechanics Institute and Free Library. 

The creek traversing the park was previously shaped to include a small concrete pipe to carry the low flows and wide grassed channel to carry flood flows. It was identified that the pipeline needed to be relocated to undertake the erosion control works behind the Mechanics Institute.

Naturalising the creek

Removal of the pipeline provides an opportunity to naturalise the creek and redesign the open space; improve amenity, community connections and access, and create a pleasant place to visit.

This project aims to both rehabilitate the failing erosion protection works and daylight the underground pipeline by constructing a low flow channel and revegetating the waterway corridor.

What’s happening

  • Removal of the existing pipeline 
  • Earthworks to create a natural creek profile
  • Erosion protection rock works
  • Revegetation with ephemeral and terrestrial plants and trees. 

The existing established trees will be protected during the works with relevant Tree Protection Zones in place. 


Works are expected to commence in September 2020 and take around three months to complete.

Contact us

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Last updated:
16 June 2020