Flood Management Strategy

The 2015 Flood Management Strategy – Port Phillip and Westernport outlines how flood management agencies will work together to manage flood risks and increase community preparedness.

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The flood strategy builds on the work of the previous strategy from 2007 and adds new emphasis on:

  • collaboration with the community and all organisations a flood management role
  • climate change and planning for future risks
  • enhanced transparency around decision making
  • improving information on different kinds of flood risk
  • applying the right mix of solutions to achieve the best social, economic and environmental outcomes 


The strategy has been endorsed by 27 organisations who participate in various aspects of flood prevention, preparation, response and recovery across the Port Phillip and Westernport Region.

An Implementation Advisory Committee is responsible for overseeing implementation, and provides strategic advice to organisations participating in delivering the strategy.

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Melbourne Water is now working in collaboration with councils and other agencies to develop a new set of tools that will help prioritise and guide flood management activities across the Port Phillip and Westernport region. This is a key action of the new flood strategy.

The new tools will inform Melbourne Water’s program of flood mapping, and actions to address flooding at specific locations across the region. We hope they will also be useful for any other organisation wishing to develop priority locations and activities for flood management.

We sought feedback on flood management prioritisation  and draft tools at various stages through the project. We are now responding to stakeholder input by refining draft tools and gathering additional data, and we plan to share the completed tools soon. Flood management prioritisation will be an ongoing process that will evolve as our shared knowledge improves, so we expect the completed tools to be updated regularly.

More information on the prioritisation tools project:

Fact sheets

Flooding is natural and inevitable. Like fire and other natural hazards, it’s a part of the Australian landscape. We can’t stop floods happening, but we can plan for and manage the risk, and reduce the consequences. We’ve put together some fact sheets to help understand our approach to flooding.

Strategy development

We've worked closely with stakeholders to develop a collaborative document that reflects a best practice approach to flood management in the region.

Over 70 organisations and 250 individuals contributed to the development of the strategy, through workshops, surveys, technical working groups and three rounds of consultation.

Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy

The Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy sets the policy framework for flood management and outlines the requirement for a regional strategy.

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