Troups Creek West Wetland to receive major upgrade

Thursday 3 August 2017
Melbourne Water will soon commence work to upgrade the Troups Creek West Wetland in Narre Warren North to improve stormwater treatment and habitat for native wildlife.​

The Troups Creek West Wetland, located off Drysdale Avenue in Narre Warren North, is not functioning as it was originally designed to. Too much water is entering the wetland and not being released downstream correctly. This means the water levels in the wetland are elevated for longer periods than intended. 

The extended periods of high water level have led to the deterioration of plant life in the wetland, reduced effectiveness of stormwater treatment and diminished habitat for native animals.

Senior Project Manager Aaron Broadway said the aim of the project was to improve the quality of stormwater leaving the wetland.

“By adding new plant life to better filter the water and improving the control of water entering and leaving the wetland, we hope to see this wetland treating stormwater as intended,” he said.

“These improvements will reduce nitrogen levels, and help reduce pollution in downstream waterways and Port Phillip Bay.” 

“Plants are an essential part of wetlands and are used to capture fine particles and trap pollutants. It is important plants are not inundated to excessive depths for too long, as this may kill the plants and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.”

Wetlands have their own unique ecosystem and provide food, water, critical habitat and breeding grounds for a large range of birds, frogs and mammals. The upgrade works will improve the diversity of habitat available to these animals. 

“Once our work is completed there will be sheltered areas, areas of shallow water and deep water areas.”

Mr Broadway said the works would not impact the footprint of the wetland itself.

“We know the community loves this wetland and we want to reassure them that the size and shape of the wetland will not change as a result of our upgrade works. While there will be more plants in the wetland there will still be areas of open water in the wetland after the works are completed.”

“The area is an important recreational space for the community and many informal shared use tracks around the wetland have been created over time. In order to improve recreational use of the wetland, Melbourne Water will also create a new, formal shared use path for across the wetland site.”

Work is anticipated to commence in August 2017 and will take approximately five months to complete, weather permitting. There may be some dust and noise from the site during the works however measures will be in place to manage these impacts.

We thank the Narre Warren North community for their patience while we complete this important upgrade.

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