Community plants the final touch for upgrade

Thursday 3 August 2017
Two hundred and fifty semi aquatic plants will go into the ground at the Masons Road retarding basin as part of a planting day and morning tea being held by Melbourne Water and the Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund on Saturday, August 12.

The planting day follows works by Melbourne Water to upgrade the retarding basin and reduce flood risk.

Melbourne Water Community Engagement Advisor Jessica Fernandes said the 250 plants for the community day had been purchased by the Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund.

“We are really grateful to be part of such a fantastic community initiative,” Ms Fernandes said.

“Approximately 20 trees were removed as part of the upgrade works and we have worked with the community and Whitehorse Council to develop a plan which has resulted in 1000 new plants in the area.

“Five hundred native trees and shrubs were planted at the basin by Melbourne Water, while Whitehorse Council contributed another 250 plants to the basin and this community effort takes the number of new plants to 1000.

“The conversations we had with community members prior to the upgrade highlighted how important the retarding basin is to locals.

“The support of the Blackburn and District Tree Preservation Society and Blackburn Village Residents Group through the Environment Protection Fund has helped to ensure the reinstatement works following the upgrade meet the needs of the local community.”

Ms Fernandes said retarding basins play a vital role in the management of floods and stormwater in Melbourne and the upgrade in Masons Rd is designed to reduce the risk of flooding in the local area during heavy rainfall.

“While some trees had to be removed as part of the upgrade works, to have around 1000 plants going back in is a great outcome. The new plants will be positioned in three specific areas in the basin away from the embankment.

The upgrade included installation of a new filter and work to reduce the risk of erosion on the embankment.

“The opportunity for Melbourne Water to work with a Community Advisory Committee, Whitehorse Council and the broader community has resulted in the development of a fantastic plan for the area.”

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