History of Patterson Lakes management

​Patterson Lakes was previously part of the Carrum Carrum Swamp.  The swamp was drained in 1879 when the man-made Patterson River was created the land was used for farming.

Construction of the lakes and tidal waterways systems began in the early 1970s.

The development was approved on the condition that the lakes and waterways would remain under the control and management of a waterway authority.

• Patterson Lakes Maintenance Agreement 1973 (original)

• Patterson Lakes Maintenance Agreement 1973 (user friendly)

Patterson Lakes Advisory Committee

The Patterson Lakes Advisory Committee was established to advise Melbourne Water on the residents' views on all matters relating to the commissioning, operating and maintenance of the Tidal Waterways and Quiet Lakes. The committee consisted of Tidal Waterways and Quiet Lakes property owners and Melbourne Water officers.

The committee was concluded in June 2013 when it was superseded by the establishment of the Management Plan Steering Committee recommended by the Patterson Lakes Independent Review.  The new steering committee includes Melbourne Water, residents and stakeholder representation.

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