Water charges and connections

Payments – how do I pay for my water use?

​Contact your local retail water company for information on paying your water use and sewage service.

Retailer – who is my water retailer?

Your water bill has the name and contact details of your water retailer. We’ve also compiled a list of water retailers in Victoria.

Connections – how do I connect/disconnect my water?

​Contact your local retail water company to connect or disconnect your water supply.

Pipes – where are the water or sewerage pipes on my property?

Contact your local retail water company to find the location of pipes within your property.

Waterways and Drainage Charge – how much is it and what does it pay for?

​The Waterways and Drainage Charge ranges from about $50–100 each year, with the exact amount depending on your property type and location.

The charge funds programs to protect and improve river health, and provide drainage, flood protection and flood warning systems.

View further details about the charge and the activities it’s funded in the past financial year:

Recycled water – how can I access it?

​Generally, recycled water is only available in areas near our treatment plants, in Werribee in the west and Bangholme in the south-east. Contact your local retail water company to find out if recycled water is available in your area.

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