Property - maintenance, flooding and fencing

Flood areas – am I in a flood affected area or overlay?

There are a few ways to find out if your property is affected by flooding.

We provide flood level information for property development projects – call us 131 722.
For other purposes like buying or selling property, you can:
For more information visit our webpage: ‘Is your land affected by flooding?’

Preparing for floods – what can I do?

The Victoria State Emergency Service (SES) is the control agency for flooding and storms. They provide information on preparing for and dealing with the aftermath of floods, including how to protect your home and keep your family safe:

Flood minimisation – how is it prioritised in my region?

Our flood protection program prioritises extreme flood risks that should be reduced or eliminated almost regardless of the cost. Flood risks are assessed based on their likelihood and consequences (social, safety and economic), according to our Flood Risk Assessment Framework.

Our Flood Management and Drainage Strategy also guides our priorities and expenditure.

Grass cutting - when will we cut the grass?

We cut grass and maintain our land and areas around creeks, pipe tracks, drains and retarding basins all year round.  

Our maintenance schedule is subject to change based on weather and other considerations such as the safety of the community and our people which is our main priority.

Contact us online to enquire when we will maintain a property near you.  Please provide specific location details such as the address or the address of the property next to the area.  We can provide a maintenance schedule with the months and frequency of when we plan to cut the grass or complete other maintenance work.

You can also report fallen trees or other maintenance requirements by contacting us online.

Fencing – will you share the cost of my fence?

We will pay half the cost of fencing if a property borders our land or shares a common boundary with land we own freehold

(Note: Crown land vested in Melbourne Water does not apply)

For detailed information on how to apply to apply for a shared cost boundary fence:

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