Building and works approvals

Buildover - what is it? What needs approval?

A build over is when you plan to build near, on or above an easement, pipe or other asset controlled by us.

You will enter a legally binding Build Over Agreement with us giving consent for a structure to be built. This agreement protects our continuous rights of access.

All structures to be built/dismantled near our asset require approval and consent. Examples include: 

  • sheds
  • swimming pools
  • gazebo/decking/verandas
  • landscaping/excavating
  • garages
  • fences
  • car ports
  • driveways
  • demolition and earthworks

Planting – what approval do I require?

​Some tree and shrub root systems can have a damaging effect on drains, sewers and water mains. This can result in disrupted, blocked and damaged pipes. 

Use these guidelines to choose plants that reduce damage and blockages to our assets.  

Application and plans – where do I send?

​Applications for a variety of works can be submitted through our website.

Where to lodge your application and plans:

Application – what do I need to submit?

​The following items are required for us to assess an application:

  • location plan
  • copy of Title
  • cover letter outlining works involved
  • design plans
  • completed application form
  • any other information or supporting documentation applicable to the application

Application – how long does it take to process?

​Applications are processed within 28 days from the day they are received.

Plans – how can I access plans of stormwater drains, sewer and water mains?

Contact ​Dial Before You Dig by calling 1100 during business hours. This is a free service.

You will initially receive a confirmation sheet from Dial Before You Dig which provides details of the asset owners affected and enables you to ensure the recorded dig site is correct.

We will then send you plans, detailing the location of our underground infrastructure.

Fees – what are the application and additional costs?

Guidelines and standard drawings – how can I access these?

 Access guidelines and standard drawings for a variety of works:

Application – how is my application progressing?

​Contact Asset Services:

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