Browse through Melbourne Water policies and publications, including the annual report, corporate plan, key strategies and reports. Read about the activities that show how we're improving life and liveability for Melbourne.


Watch this video for our overarching strategy, which sets a clear direction for Melbourne Water, providing guidance, defining our purpose, and outlining key priorities and challenges.

Our Strategic Direction - transcript

CEO of Hope City Mission community garden with Melbourne Water staff member

Annual Report

Read about activities that meet customer needs, regulatory obligations and contribute towards our vision.


Read the Annual Report

Melbourne Water workers and contractors at Western Treatment Plant

Corporate Plan

Read about our business objectives, key activities and performance targets for the financial year and four that follow.


Read the Corporate Plan


Victorian desalination plant

Key strategies

Browse the key strategies that guide our objectives, actions and targets over the mid- to long-term.

Drinking Water Quality Strategy

Healthy Waterways Strategy

Melbourne Sewerage Strategy

Melbourne Water System Strategy

Yarra Strategic Plan

Flood Management Strategy



Person looking at waterway

Compliance reports

As part of our reporting to our board and its committees, and to government, a number of reports are produced throughout the year:

Electrical asset management plans

Sustainable Development Goals




Melbourne Water workers conversing on site

Legislation and policies

Melbourne’s water is subject to careful management and regulation to protect our water supplies, the environment and public health. Find information about legislation administered by Melbourne Water – namely, the Water Act 1989 (Vic) and its related by-laws, as well as other policies that are relevant to our work.


Water Act

Freedom of Information

Policies and procedures