Small business guidelines

Melbourne Water has recently developed a set of Small business guidelines to help remove or reduce any potential impacts upon small businesses during our infrastructure projects.

Small businesses are essential stakeholders to consider whenever long term construction occurs as this may result in a number of negative impacts for these businesses.

Melbourne Water is committed to best practice community engagement and working closely with our local communities at all times.

Use our small business guidelines

Originally developed as an internal document our small business guidelines have now been adapted into a version which can be used to help other organisations or agencies when considering potential impacts upon small business.

We encourage the use of these guidelines whenever there is the potential for small businesses to be impacted by infrastructure or large scale maintenance works.

Best practice small business engagement

These guidelines also contain nine key recommendations to ensure we achieve best practice engagement with small business.

We aim to identify all affected small businesses and impacts in the earliest planning stages of our infrastructure projects.

We also aim to reduce any impacts during the business case and design phases of our projects.

Five-step engagement process

In reaffirming our commitment to good community engagement, we have developed a five-step small business engagement process to better identify:

  • which small businesses are impacted
  • the nature and magnitude of any impacts
  • ways to remove or reduce impacts.


Last updated:
13 October 2017