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At Melbourne Water we're committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture. Embracing diversity leads to a better understanding of, and engagement with, the people we work with and the communities in which we work. We aim to be as diverse and vibrant as the community we serve, embracing different perspectives and supporting all our people to achieve fulfilling careers and lives. Creating an environment that encourages everyone to fully contribute and to realise their full potential will play a part in ensuring Melbourne Water is a great place to work.

Meet Tabatha James, winner of Victoria Young Operator of the Year

Tabatha James



Tabatha James

Water Supply Operator - Silvan
Joined Melbourne Water in 2016

Presented annually to operators of water or wastewater treatment facilities, the Victorian Young Operator of the Year award recognises excellent performance, initiative and all round attention to detail in water operations. Read more about Tabatha James.

Meet Hannah Pexton, Top 50 Public Sector Women in Victoria, 2017

Hannah Pexton



Hannah Pexton

Manager, Land and Collaborative Planning
Joined Melbourne Water in 2005

The Top 50 Public Sector Women (Victoria) list shines a spotlight on exceptional leaders, highlighting their work and creating role models for other females in the sector. Hannah Pexton, Melbourne Water’s very own made it in the Top 50 list and we couldn’t be more proud. Read more about Hannah Pexton.

Flexible workplace & flexible families



Jesse Barrett

Team Leader, Waterways & Land
Joined Melbourne Water in 2010

Jesse Barrett is the team leader of the Waterways and Land Maribyrnong team (West region) and has worked within a number of different roles and areas at Melbourne Water over the last 8 years. We sat down to discuss how new dad Jesse's experience taking parental leave, and the benefits that parental leave and flexible working hours have brought to himself, his new family and his working life. Read Jesse's story.

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30 January 2019