Waterway protection

Protect our valued waterways and help us achieve healthy waterways for an improved community environment.

Waterway rehabilitation and protection

Plan your development to include protection and rehabilitation of waterways - find out how.

Bed and bank stabilisation

Avoid erosion, increased turbidity and increased sediment loads with proper handling of waterway beds and banks.

Vegetation management

Maintain a healthy waterway and improve the landscape and amenity values of your land with proper vegetation management.

Cultural and heritage assets

Waterways are a natural drawcard. Protect the many nearby cultural and heritage sites for the future.

Habitat management

Protect and enhance the habitats for native flora and fauna - win benefits for your development.

Waterway crossings

Need to create a temporary or permanent waterway crossing? Do it the right way.

Open space waterway corridor

Work with us to provide benefits to the community and the waterway.

Shared pathways

Find out about shared pathways carrying pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
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