Our assets on your property

​An extensive network of our pipes and other assets are located across Melbourne. Wherever possible, these assets are located on our land, public land and in road reserves. Sometimes this isn’t possible and the assets are located on private property.

Where there’s an asset on your property, the area needs to be accessible for maintenance and in some cases to complete upgrade or emergency works.

You must have our formal approval before building within five metres horizontally of any asset such as pipes, drains, water mains and within an easement. Start by checking if we have assets on your property.

Why we need access

When assets are located on private property, we generally access these assets by an easement. Sometimes, when an easement hasn’t been granted, we may rely on our power to enter private property under the Water Act 1989.

At all times (except in the case of an emergency), we’ll make every effort to contact you to seek your permission to access your property prior to entry. We appreciate this is your home, and we’d like to work together to provide our essential services.

When our staff access property, they do so in order to complete maintenance inspection checks and routine works. This is to ensure:

  • safe operation of these assets
  • a reliable water supply, sewerage and drainage system 

What’s an easement

An easement is an area of land that generally has an asset located above or below ground and gives us legal permission to access your land for maintaining, installing or replacing infrastructure as required.

  • If there’s a registered easement on your property, it will be listed on your Certificate of Title. 
  • If the asset isn't registered as an easement on the Certificate of Title, you can contact us on 131 722 to confirm that the asset belongs to us.

Guidelines for works near assets

You can find further information and guidelines for works on, above or near assets:

Contact us

If you need any help, please contact us on 131 722.

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