Building or renovating a property

Did you know that you may need to get approval from us before your council will issue you with a planning or building permit?

This is because council will need to know that you’re complying with our requirements for flood protection, water quality and waterway health before they issue any permits.

We can help you with flooding information, locate assets and easements, review and approve your plans, and provide our consent to council.

Get our free advice

Did you know that if you're building or renovating, you can get our free advice?

We can help you with flooding information, the location of  assets and easements, and the review and approval of  your plan​s.

Get our advice early and avoid unnecessary costs and delays.

Apply online to request for advice

If you’re not confident filling in the form call 131 722 and ask to speak to a ‘planner’ from our Customer and Planning Services Team.

Find out if your land is subject to flooding

Find out if your land is subject to flooding, and whether you need our
consent to get a planning permit from your council. Just want to get flood level information? Here’s how.


Work or build near our assets or easements

Installing utilities? Building a carport, jetty, shared pathway? Need to connect to the stormwater system? If you’re working near our assets – such as drains, sewers or waterways – or easements, you’ll need our consent.  



Work out if there are any charges (sub-divisions)

We recover costs from developers to fund drainage scheme works and stormwater offsets.    


Contact us

If you need any help, contact us on 131 722.

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