Weekly water update

Data for week ending 24 July 2014
Last update at 4:00 PM 24 July 2014

Dam storage levels


1388.5 billion litres this week


More than week ending 17 July 2014

Avg. catchment rainfall

22.2 mm

This week


Less than week ending 17 July 2014

Flow into dams

24,469 ML

This week


Less than week ending 17 July 2014

Water use

142 L

Daily avg. per person this week


More than week ending 17 July 2014

Winter harvest continues for catchments

Melbourne’s water storages increased to 76.6% of capacity this week, capitalising on strong stream flow from rain in previous weeks.

Although rainfall was slightly below average, wet catchments contributed heavily to the 18.4 billion litre (1%) gain.

The four major catchments received between 16.4 and 28 mm of rain, the average being 22.2 mm. This was 12% below the long-term average for the period of 25.3 mm.

Stream flow delivered 24.5 billion litres to storages after weeks of winter rain drenched catchment soils. This was 69% above the 30-year average for the period (14.5 billion litres).

Water storages are now 76.6% (1,388.5 billion litres) full, compared with 71.5% (1,295.0 billion litres) at the same time last year – a difference of 93.5 billion litres.

Melburnians used an average of 142 litres of water per person per day. This is 3 litres per person per day more than last week.

Permanent water use rules are currently in place. Visit water.vic.gov.au for information on water use rules and tips on how to save water.

The Victorian Government is helping everyone choose the right water for the job.

Using alternative water sources, such as rainwater from our roofs, reduces our reliance on drinking water supplies. Visit rightwater.vic.gov.au for more information.

Dam storage levels

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76.6% full at 24 July 2014

1,388,478 ML
Reservoir Total capacity (ML) Current volume (ML) % Full Rainfall recorded (mm)
Thomson 1,068,000 844,781
+8,321 since last week
79.1% 16.4 (verified)
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Cardinia 286,911 186,872
-600 since last week
65.1% N/A
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Upper Yarra 200,579 124,295
+6,672 since last week
62.0% 27.2 (verified)
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Sugarloaf 96,253 90,721
+1,353 since last week
94.3% N/A
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Silvan 40,445 36,089
+406 since last week
89.2% N/A
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Tarago 37,580 37,982
-82 since last week
100.0% N/A
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Yan Yean 30,266 27,058
+52 since last week
89.4% N/A
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Greenvale 26,839 17,784
-32 since last week
66.3% N/A
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Maroondah 22,179 19,704
+2,304 since last week
88.8% 26.2 (verified)
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O'Shannassy 3,123 3,192
-43 since last week
100.0% 28 (verified)
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Total 1,812,175 1,388,478
+18,351 since last week
76.6% N/A

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Dam storage levels includes all of Melbourne's water storage areas that receive water from catchments and the desalination plant.


Monthly average storage levels of Melbourne's reservoirs over the years. Data is updated at the end of each month. View our interactive storage graph, displaying data from 1940 - present.

Rainfall at dams

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Catchment This week (mm) This week's long term average (ML) based on mean from previous 30 years Variation
(to the average)
Same time last year
Thomson 16.4 25.6 -35.9% 57.2mm
Upper Yarra 27.2 23.4 16.2% 70.0mm
O'Shannassy 28.0 31.6 -11.4% 74.8mm
Maroondah 26.2 22.4 17.0% 68.2mm

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Rainfall data is a weighted average catchment figure that is validated and provided for four major catchments only.

Flow into dams

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Catchment This week (ML) This week's long term average (ML) based on mean from previous 30 years Variation
(to the average)
Same time last year (ML)
Thomson 8,724 6,320 38.0% 12,770
Upper Yarra 7,822 3,770 107.5% 4,047
O'Shannassy 4,134 2,410 71.5% 2,395
Maroondah 3,789 1,970 92.3% 2,331
Total 24,469 14,470 69.1% 21,543

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Flow into dams is a total of water flowing from our four major catchments into reservoirs.

Water use for Melbourne

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Daily water use This week's daily average (L) Last week's daily average (L)
Per Person Water Use 142 139

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Water use shows Melbourne's total usage each day and includes Western Water. The total amount used by all Melbournians -both business and households.

All figures include non-metropolitan supply for Western Water (supplied since March 2000), which are not included in annual Melbourne metropolitan consumption figures.

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