Water restrictions

Permanent water use rules were put in place as of 1 December 2012.

What permanent water use rules mean

Residential and commercial gardens and lawns​
Hand watering Gardens and lawns can be watered at any time, on any day using a hand held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle.
Watering systems Watering systems (manual or automatic, spray or dripper) can be used to water gardens and lawns from 6pm to 10am, on any day.​
​Car washing​
At home Cars may be washed at home with the following methods at any time, on any day:
  • high pressure cleaning unit
  • hand held hose fitted with a trigger-nozzle
  • watering can
  • bucket​

Water outlook

Each year we collaborate with the water retailers to produce the Water outlook, a summary of the state of Melbourne's water supply and demand.

Published by 1 December each year, the outlook includes information on water storages, water use and short-to medium-term management of Melbourne's water resources.

System performance is reported in three zones:

  1. high – Melbourne's water supply is secure
  2. medium – we need to take action to secure water supplies
  3. low – emergency circumstances requiring a wider range of actions to secure Melbourne's water supply, including more severe water restrictions

Read the latest Water outlook, or contact your local water retailer for more information on permanent water use rules and water restrictions:

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