The land development process

A consultative process where we help you plan and develop properties, buildings and structures so they are safe from floods without compromising the safety of other properties, and to make sure your development does not adversely impact our waterways.

​Pre-development advice and planning permits 

Pre-development advice

Before you purchase or develop property you can seek advice from us about our development requirements.

Early advice from us can help to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • contact us early about your proposal
  • submit your plans for pre-development advice
  • use our self-assessment tools

Planning permit application

Moving ahead with your development? Submit a formal town planning permit application to your council. This is referred to us if it relates to waterways, drainage and floodplains. We respond by either:

  • consenting to a permit being issued
  • objecting, or
  • consenting to a permit being issued under specified conditions

Permit to develop near our assets

Get a permit from us before building over a drain, sewer, easement or any of our structures, or for connecting to our stormwater assets.

Developing in flood affected areas

Is your land affected by flooding? Potential flooding can affect your development plans. Get flood level information for a property development project or for buying and selling property.

​Understanding our conditions of development

Your planning permit may include a condition that you enter into an agreement with us to provide drainage services for a development.

Planning - apply for offer of conditions

Apply to us for an offer of conditions for the provision of drainage services for your project.

  1. apply for offer of conditions (provision of stormwater facilities)
  2. our offer of conditions
  3. your acceptance of conditions

Standard conditions and policies

Our standard conditions form part of every offer, in addition to the ones specific to your development.

Our land development policies govern how we set conditions, fund and reimburse works and other aspects of the land development process.

Designing and constructing works

Follow these steps if you've accepted our offer of conditions that requires you to include drainage or water quality works in your development. Our process map will help you understand the steps involved.

Design of works

Submit your detailed design and drawings to get your design certified so that you can begin construction. Follow our design certification checklist.


Check our pre-construction certification checklist and ensure you're fully prepared before you begin construction.


Complete your construction and receive your certificate of practical completion for reimbursement.

Project finalisation

Submit your end of defects liability period statement and receive your certificate of completion.

Maintenance agreements

Learn about our maintenance requirements and prepare your plan in advance.

Process map

Process for designing and constructing works, pre-development through to receiving the Certificate of completion.


Process overview

Check out our process map which gives a high level overview of the development process from start to completion

Development process map


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