Working at Melbourne Water

We provide a range of initiatives to make working at Melbourne Water as rewarding and enjoyable as possible.

Our initiatives include:

Flexible working arrangements

Having a healthy work-life balance is important for everyone. We have a range of flexible working arrangements that meet the needs of our people and our business, including:

  • flexible working hours
  • job sharing
  • flexible work locations at a range of sites, and even working from home
  • part time working arrangements
  • 48/52 leave arrangements, which allow employees to access an additional four weeks' leave per year
  • support for people interested in further study

Professional development and training

We’re committed to helping our people develop their skills and be the best they can be. Our people can access a range of learning and development activities, such as:

  • leadership development program
  • development programs for people who are beginning their careers
  • skills and technical-based training
  • personal development through coaching, mentoring and on the job opportunities
  • industry involvement through events like conferences, seminars and presentations

Supporting people’s interests

We encourage our people to be innovative and take on new and interesting activities. We support activities such as:

  • sharing learnings with industry peers
  • visiting other organisations to learn about new technologies and processes
  • learning about key water management issues in other cities and countries
  • working on environmental research teams or projects for short periods
  • volunteering for a range of Melbourne Water-sponsored events

Reward and recognition programs

We believe in recognising, rewarding and celebrating our people’s contributions and achievements.

Our Employee Recognition program provides a framework for acknowledging outstanding performance or contribution which goes beyond the day to day role of an individual or team.

As well as formal recognition by a manager, the program also celebrates the smaller achievements and provides all Melbourne Water employees with the opportunity to acknowledge their peers less formally.

Health and wellbeing initiatives

We aim to offer a safe and healthy workplace by considering safety in everything we do. ‘Zero Harm’ means no one will suffer any mental or physical harm through our work. This includes the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees and partners, both at work and at home.

Other health and wellbeing programs available to our people include:

  • information sessions on a range of health topics, for example the Quit program and nutrition sessions
  • wellbeing activities like pilates, aerobics and walking
  • free annual flu injections
  • partial reimbursement for health or fitness related expenses such as gym memberships

We provide designated bike storage areas, lockers and showers on site so our people can ride, run or walk to work.

A commitment to diversity and equal opportunity

We value diversity and equal opportunity and support these values through:

  • promoting, recognising and accepting everyone’s right to equality of opportunity
  • providing a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment
  • increasing the effectiveness of the organisation and recognising the true potential of all employees.

Our Diversity Committee is made up of employees across our organisation. The committee contributes to programs that support equal opportunity and diversity objectives.

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